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In April 2011, a group of passionate people were drawn together by a common belief. Six months later, VOIDTHEBRAND was born in San Francisco with a single goal of creating an "honest product". Our biggest challenge was how to reinvent "basic" with distinctive designs and materials, but at the same time keep the product affordable.

The approach we chose was to partner with local factories and fabric mills to create a smaller quantity collection based on qualified available resources. The benefits of this approach reflect significantly in our ability to create dynamic collections. It also enables us to minimize the costs for material sourcing and production, while contributing growth to local businesses.

In the VOIDTHEBRAND collection it is evident how we pay attention to the details and silhouette of the garment. Experimenting with different constructions and hybrid materials, we want to display our creativity within the framework of "basic" without sacrificing wearability and comfort. 


Co-Founders Zhao Wu & Chenling Fan